French Type Design

From February 25th
to May 2nd 2020


From October 15th to 19th

Between the Lines: Typography in LACMA’s Collection

From May 12th
to September 2nd 2019

Saint Petersburg Design Week

From May 30th
to June 20th 2017

Typomania 2017

From May 27th
to June 4th 2017

Typo en mouvement

From November 20th 2015
to March 5th 2016

Villissima ! Des artistes et des villes

From July 4th
to September 27th 2015

How Posters Work

From Friday May 8th 2015
to Sunday January 24th 2016

International Society of Typographic Designers Awards 2014

From Saturday October 25th
to Sunday November 23th 2014

Matisse à l’affiche

From June 21th
to September 23th 2013

Graphic Design: Now in Production

From October 22th 2011
to January 22th 2012

Graphisme et création contemporaine

From April 27th
to June 6th 2011

Bewegte Schrift

From February 2nd
to May 22th 2011

Five Star Designers’ Banquet

From Monday, December 4th
to Friday, December 22th 2006

Typo & Konstrukcja

From April
to May 2006

Imagine. 50 years of Graphic Design

From September 23th 2005
to October 16th 2005


From October 16th
to December 4th 2001

Celebrating the Poster

From October 23nd
to November 14th 2000

International Poster Exhibition

From April 28th
to April 30th 2000

L’affiche française

From October 29th 1996
to February 28th 1997

Le grand prix de l’affiche culturelle

From August 4th
to September 30th 1988