University of the Arts, Philadelphia

Exposition du 9 septembre
au 16 octobre 2005

University of the Arts
Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery
333S Broad St,
Philadelphia, États-Unis


Typo / Typé
Carré Sainte-Anne, Montpellier

Du 8 avril au 22 mai 2005

Carré Sainte-Anne
2 rue Philippy
34000 Montpellier



How did you become a graphic designer? Philippe Apeloig By chance. When I was younger I was interested in drawing, in contemporary dance and in theatre. I took classes for many years, thinking I would become a choreographer, a director or a set designer. But I was too shy, I decided not to become a […]


Au cœur du mot
Galerie Anatome, Paris

Du 11 mai au 28 juillet 2001

Galerie Anatome
38, rue Sedaine, Paris


Posters in the context of French culture
Graphic Ginza Gallery (GGG), Tokyo

Du 4 au 27 novembre 1998

Ginza Graphic Gallery
DNP Ginza Building
7-2, Ginza 7-chome, Tokyo


Arc en Rêve, Bordeaux

Exposition du 6 décembre 1991
au 26 janvier 1992

Arc en Rêve–Centre d’architecture
7 rue Ferrère, Bordeaux

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